Hotteeze Heat Pads

World's Best Stick-on Heat Pads. Guaranteed.

Uses for Hotteeze Heat Pads

Hotteeze for work!

Heat Pads for commuting to work

Commute to Work
Hotteeze are ideal for going to work on those cold mornings. Small and discreet, they can be worn with a suit...

Heat Pads for cold office conditions

At Your Desk
Fed up with feeling the cold but can’t do anything to escape the air conditioning? Rip open a Hotteeze...

Heat Pads for work

Team Player
Got muscle cramps but don’t want to leave your colleagues in the lurch! Be a good team player, muddle through the day with a trusty Hotteeze then collapse at home!

Hotteeze For Home!

Heat Pads while watching tv

Toasty In Front Of The Television
Cuddle up and keep warm for 12 plus hours, the perfect night in...

Heat Pads for gardening

Gardener’s Heaven
Comfort tired muscles, keep toes toasty warm and stay cozy while you’re busy out in the yard!

Heat Pads for watching sport

Soccer Mum Supports!
Soccer mum never leaves home without! Hotteeze warms you up on those freezing days when you watch your kids play sport.

Hotteeze For Play!

Heat Pads for playing golf

The Perfect Game
Want to warm up muscles before the game? Need to keep warm while out on the golf course? Hotteeze will keep you warm for HOURS!

Share Heat Pads with Friends

Share With Friends
Never a dull moment, keep your friends entertained with Hotteeze!

Heat Pads for under dresses

Out On The Town
Out for a drink? Learn from the stars who use Hotteeze to keep warm on set for those chilly outdoor love scenes and to help them look hot for their red carpet close-ups!