Here’s what a few of our customers have to say about Hotteeze!


“My work office in Hobart is getting cold again, I’ll wear my hotteeze pack to warm my aching back and save the boss some $$ by not running the electric heater. :)”
Julia T., Hobart


“Love Hotteeze heat pads, wear them to the footy to keep my aches at bay.”
Catherine P., via Facebook


“Still cant believe how so many people dont know about these, when I tell people they assume I’m talking about the old wheat bags, so I aways end up giving them one of mine to try….and then they rave about them!!”
Min B., via Facebook


“Hotteeze is great for period pain. A Hotteeze heat pad on my tummy helps soothe the pain and means I don’t need painkillers.”
Bronwyn, NSW


“I use Hotteeze when I’m out fishing at night. I have a Hotteeze patch on my chest and lower back and it keeps the chill off. I’ve found I’ve had less coughs and colds since using Hotteeze.”
Andy P., Edgewater


“Often I have to pretend to be warm and sexy on shoots when in actual fact it’s FREEZING! A stylist from Japan introduced Hotteeze to me 4 years ago and since then I wear them whenever I have to stand in the cold in a slinky dress or bikini looking gorgeous. I also love the Hotteeze for Feet for the same reason – they’re a fashion model’s best friend!”
Janine, VIC


“I lead an active life and sometimes suffer from strains and injuries. Before Hotteeze I was limited to hot water bottles and wheat bags. With Hotteeze patches I have mobile soothing warmth all day as one patch lasts 12 hours. I find Hotteeze fantastic- they’re discreet, long-lasting and can go with me wherever I go.”
Margaret, Mandurah


“Having suffered a minor back injury recently, I was advised to keep heat on the affected area. I was using a hot water bottle but I found it cumbersome and inconvenient. I had to re-fill it several times a day and had to be very careful with the temperature of water that I was putting in it. A friend came over to visit me and suggested I try Hotteeze. I can’t believe I’ve lived without them – what a great idea! It’s like magic! I stuck it on to my shirt first thing in the morning and it kept my back warm all day. Not only was it a tremendous help to my sore back but also I hardly knew it was there. It’s a fabulous product which I will now be recommending to all my friends.”
Geraldine, VIC