Easing stress with Hotteeze Heat Pads

Easing stress with Hotteeze Heat Pads

When we’re living through stressful times it takes a toll on our body and our general well-being. Spending time indoors with the family can be fun for a while but it can lead to higher than normal stress-levels and feelings of tension.    


Stress and anxiety often manifests itself in the form of physical pain as muscles tighten up to protect themselves from injury.  Tense muscles lead to aches and pains, most commonly in the head, back and shoulders. 


Most people know about the advantages of a good diet, regular exercise and plenty of sleep when trying to relax and feel better, but there are also the many benefits of thermotherapy or heat therapy to consider.


Hotteeze heat pads are from Japan, where heat therapy has been used for centuries to keep the chi or life energy flowing in the body and to promote well-being.   They emit over 12 hours of moist heat to your aches and pains.  This stimulates your sensory receptors to block the transmission of pain signals to the brain, encouraging it to focus more on the heat and less on the feelings of discomfort, resulting in effective pain relief.  The elasticity of the tissue is increased by the warmth of the pad and so your resting muscle tension is reduced, making it easier to relax those painful knots.  Irritated nerve-endings are soothed and sedated by an increased flow of blood which speeds up the healing process by providing proteins, nutrients and oxygen - giving your body extra localized energy to carry out any necessary repairs. 


A Hotteeze heat pack is such a convenient way to apply thermotherapy.  It can be applied anytime, anywhere, without disrupting your activity.  It’s great to relax in a hot bath, but with a heat pad you can be healing AND still be getting on with chores or finishing work projects.

You don’t have to be plugged into an electrical outlet, so you can move around freely.  Some types of heat pads are also self-adhesive, allowing you to secure it in just the right spot and then carry on with whatever you’d like to do - even if that means just chilling with the dog for a while you check your mail.

Seriously, we all need as much help as we can get to help us relax and balance our lives.  Having some Hotteeze heat pads around to take a little of the day’s tension away is an excellent part of your self-care package.  Enjoy!

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