Soothing symptoms of Endo with Hotteeze

Soothing symptoms of Endo with Hotteeze

Women who suffer from endometriosis can benefit a great deal from heat therapy.


The endometrium is the name of the mucous membrane lining inside the uterus, which thickens and is then partially shed during menstruation. But for endometriosis sufferers, this tissue also grows outside the uterus - most commonly on the ovaries, parts of the bowel and the pelvis lining - causing extreme discomfort, particularly during periods.  It can even be severe enough to result in infertility.

Approximately half of those affected experience chronic pelvic pain, typically at its most intense during menstruation.  One of the most effective ways to deal with this pain is to apply a gentle heat source to the affected area. 


These cramps can occur anytime, anywhere, so you need a convenient, on-the-go heat source. Using an electrical heat pad gets the job done, but its electrical cord keeps you tethered to an outlet. A hot bath is another way of easing abdominal cramps but who has access to that when they’re at work?   


So a Hotteeze heat pad is an ideal solution.  Because it’s not dependent on electricity or water; it allows you to continue with work or other daily activities while relieving your pain. Some heating pads even have an adhesive backing, that you can stick to your clothes, making it possible to get on with your day. The heating pad should be applied to the stomach or lower back area, depending on where you are feeling the most discomfort. The pad should never be applied directly to the skin but on the outside of the clothing, so sticking it on the outside of first-layer clothing is recommended to get the best transfer of heat to the affected area. Women have been passing this advice down through the generations - a hot water bottle on your abdomen can really ease your period pain!



Hotteeze heat pads can be used in combination with over-the-counter or prescription pain medications to help you deal with abdominal cramps - whether you are an endometriosis sufferer or simply need to cope with monthly symptoms.


Hotteeze has a loyal following amongst the Endo community in many countries and we love to do whatever we can to help support their efforts to increase an awareness of this under-exposed and debilitating condition.


Keep healthy, keep safe and enjoy the comfort and convenience of Hotteeze heat pads.

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