Why you need Hotteeze heat pads in Summer

Why you need Hotteeze heat pads in Summer

Hotteeze heat pads are made in Japan, where they are known as “kairo”.  They have traditionally kept people there warm and comfortable since the 17th century. 

They were originally meant to help people deal with cold temperatures during winter months, but their ability to soothe aches and pains and the symptoms of chronic conditions or muscle injuries make them a must-have item for the bathroom cabinet at any time of the year.


No matter how hot it is outside, there’s nothing like the gentle continuous warmth of a stick-on heat pad soothing away the pain of a menstrual cramp or a Hotteeze hugging your neck and shoulder when you’ve been hunched over a computer all day.


When the weather’s fine you’re much more likely to be exercising and that can easily leave you with muscle aches and pains.  Thermotherapy is an ideal way to deal with sport-related injuries or strains.   Hotteeze are such a convenient way of applying heat as they don’t require electricity or heating up in the micro-wave, so you can get on with your busy summer schedule while the heat pad does its job.

Are you ever cold at work?  Have you ever had the air-conditioner conversation with your colleagues?  There always seems to be at least one person who wants it cranked up and won’t stop complaining until they get their way.  Solve it by just slipping some heat pads in your bag and stick one on top of your next-to-skin clothing to warm yourself back up while you’re working.  It’s amazing how one well-positioned Hotteeze can make your whole body toasty.


And then there’s the movie theater.  Isn’t it completely normal nowadays to take a sweater with you in the summer months?  If you don’t want to pack extra clothing to see a film, just take a heat pad with you in case it just gets too chilly in there.


One particularly good reason to keep some Hotteeze heat pads on hand is that they make fantastic gifts.  It’s surprising how many people have never tried thermotherapy until they’re given a heat pad by a friend.  It’s a perfect present which delivers warmth and comfort and well-being all in one little package.  It’s also vegan-friendly, and the contents of a used pad can be used for nourishing the soil in your potted plants.  What more could you ask for?

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