Hotteeze Heat Pads - Regular

Hotteeze Heat Pads - Regular
$22.95 USD

World's Best Stick-on Heat Pads. Guaranteed.

Hotteeze Heat Pads are perfect for those times when you need a steady supply of heat. Unlike a wheatbag or hot water bottle which are bulky and visible, Hotteeze are discreet, portable and last a lot longer. Use Hotteeze to comfort tired muscles. Take them outdoors or anywhere you will feel the cold.

How do Hotteeze work?

Just open the packet and expose the pad to air... within minutes your Hotteeze will start warming up! Keep them in your bag for peace of mind - you'll never be cold again!

Why use Hotteeze Heat Pads?

Long Lasting heat-pads 12+ hours of soothing heat.

Hotteeze body heat pads last for over 12 hours. Great for all-day pain relief from cramps or soothing sore muscles.

Eco-friendly Heat PadsEnvironmentally friendly.

Hotteeze uses potassium chloride, so the iron filing contents can be reused as a soil conditioner contributing to the reduction of waste. The outer packet is combustible and does not generate toxic gases. Very eco-friendly!

stick-on heat padsKeeps the heat exactly where you need it.

Hotteeze Heat Pads are designed to stick to your clothing (not your skin!). As one side is adhesive, Hotteeze can be stuck to an inner layer of clothing over the desired area, keeping the heat exactly where you need it.

ultra-thin heat padsDiscreet, thin & flexible.

Thin and flexible, Hotteeze Heat Pads can be worn comfortably without bulkiness. Unlike a hot water bottle or microwave bag, you can stay toasty warm for 12 hours - you'll be amazed that something so small can provide such long-lasting heat!

"Great value. For less than the price of half a cup of coffee I had lumbar spine warmth all day every day while skiing. I have since introduced my daughter to Hoteeze for period pain, and bought foot warmers to use in mittens for my 93yr old Mum."
~Berryl O., Customer

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Enjoy traditional Japanese heat therapy at home

Heat pads have been used for decades in Japan to help keep the core body temperature stable. Heat is believed to boost the immune system and prevent colds and sickness. Ask your Japanese friends to explain what a "haramaki" is! The literal translation is "stomach roll" and these unique Japanese undergarments are still widely worn even today to keep the abdominal region warm and are usually made from stretchy cotton. The Japanese use heat pads and haramaki the way Westerners use an undershirt.

Keep Genki

The Japanese also believe that the feet are the second heart and by keeping them warm, you keep healthy and "genki" by keeping your chi energy flowing from the tip of your toes all over the body. Hotteeze start heating up as soon as you open the packet and stay hot for more than 12 hours, while Hotteeze Foot Pads will keep toes toasty for 5 cozy hours!

The Japanese, like many other cultures, believe that keeping the solar plexus (front) and kidneys (back) warm at all times is crucial to staying healthy. They take particular notice of whether or not their stomach "feels" cold as this is a first sign that your immune system might be weakened.

Keep your feet warm

Second to keeping the solar plexus warm is to keep the feet warm at all times. Slippers are worn inside the house even in summer, often with socks. The feet are where your chi flows from. The feet are referred to as the “second heart” which if kept warm, will pump energy throughout the whole body, continually boosting your immune system.