A Hotteeze on every pillow

A Hotteeze on every pillow

The DeWitt guest house is in the beautiful historic hamlet of Oak Hill in Upstate New York. The proprietors - a Brit and a Parisian - combine an eclectic vintage business with a stylish inn experience, offering a pet-friendly environment which has a unique and relaxing vibe.

Dorothée Walliser and Diane Ormrod (guess which one is French) and their canine family offer an unforgettably warm welcome to travelers arriving from all over the world.

Whether guests are there to ski, hike the wonderful woodland trails or stroll through the region’s flea markets and antique stores, they can kick back and relax at the DeWitt in good company and plush comfort.            

What’s more, when they check into one of the unique bedrooms - each room curated by one of the local runaway artists and designers from New York City - they will always find Hotteeze Heat Pads waiting for them.

“We always place one package on each pillow in the rooms and explain to our guests how special they are,” says Dorothée.  The inn is particularly busy in ski season of course and an instant, portable heat pad has soothed many a guest’s aching muscles.

Diane is a big fan of Hotteeze. “One of our guests had shoulder issues and he was thrilled in the morning when he came down to breakfast practically pain-free after using one of the heating pads!”

It’s always so charming to find a little gift in your bedroom when you’re on vacation.  Delicious confectionary and some carefully chosen toiletries make you feel that your hosts want to pamper you.

A Hotteeze heating pad on the pillow means they’ve even considered any aches and pains you might need some help with during your stay.  Or maybe you just want to get a little cozier in that comfy bed?

Guests of the DeWitt are seen as a vital part of the inn’s ongoing transformation, especially as practically everything there is for sale as part of the vintage business, “French and Scouser”.  If you wake up one morning and take a fancy to the little armoire in the corner or the gorgeous velvet armchair in the Great Room, you can purchase it and take it home.

And by the time you leave the DeWitt you may also be wondering where you can buy those marvelous little heating pads that you found on your pillow.

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