Are You Sure You’re Finished With That Hotteeze Heat Pad?

Are You Sure You’re Finished With That Hotteeze Heat Pad?

People who use Hotteeze are often surprised by how long our heat pads keep supplying a steady supply of comforting warmth. These little self-adhesive pads which contain iron

powder, water, activated charcoal, vermiculite and potassium chloride will work for up to 14 hours, once they’re activated by coming into contact with oxygen in the air.  


And even after that they’re still useful! The activated carbon actually works as an effective deodoriser because the oxygen increases how porous it is, resulting in more surface area to soak up bad smells. For example, if you’re a cat-owner you might have a litter tray which uses those changeable charcoal filters keeping kitty’s bathroom smelling sweeter? A used heat pad will perform the same kind of function.

You can place it anywhere in you home where there might be any kind of undesirable odour - the bathroom, around the kitchen waste-bin, in the car and it’s especially useful in the shoe cupboard!


Just place a couple of spent Hotteeze heat pads in each training shoe and let them waft away any reminders of your last workout session! The iron powder and the vermiculite also act as dehumidifiers - what could be more perfect as an individual shoe deodoriser?


They can also be placed in the refrigerator to absorb excess odors, in much the same way many people use baking soda. Charcoal is used in many commercial products sold for this purpose - how convenient to extend the life of your heat pad and help the household budget at the same time!


And of course, as you may already know if you have read through any of the Hotteeze site information, the contents of a used heat pad can be used as a soil conditioner on your household potted plants or in your garden.  This is because of the potassium chloride included in the ingredients list, which acts as a kind of food treat for the potting soil.


Is there anything a Hotteeze heat pad can’t do? It keeps you warm, relaxes you, helps take away your aches and pains, deodorises your shoes and appliances and then takes  your plants out for dinner. How’s that for sustainability?


It’s such a good idea to keep a pack of Hotteeze in the drawer.  Who knows the next time you (or the cat or the car or the bathroom) might need one?


Stay healthy and cosy and sweet-smelling!

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