Oh no, here comes the cold weather

Oh no, here comes the cold weather


As if it isn’t bad enough that the end of the summer has you tensing up at the thought of those chilly days ahead, you also have to start paying heating bills! But there is another option - you can grab some Hotteeze Heat Pads and create your own little personal central heating system. Warming up strategic areas of the body where pressure points are situated is a speedy and effective way to get your whole body feeling cosy and relaxed as fall and winter roll in. 


It may sound counter-intuitive, but a couple of layers of lighter-weight clothing can be much more effective in the cold than one bulky layer. These layers also make it easier to stick the heat pads discreetly close to the skin, where they heat up in about 10 minutes and supply continuous warmth for up to 14 hours.

Here are a few tips to help you position the heat pads on those pressure points in order to maximize their effects.




The trapezius is a large muscle which can get very tight when blood circulation is slowed down as the temperature drops. A Hotteeze pad positioned on both shoulder blades can stop you shivering, warm up the muscle and help you relax as your body temperature rises.



Have you ever wondered why it feels so comforting to hug yourself around the middle? There happens to be another important pressure point just below the navel. Providing heat in this spot is especially effective and will help you to get on with your day.



Who isn’t familiar with the agony of cold feet? Hotteeze actually have heat pads expressly for feet which you place inside your shoes. How convenient is that?



This is a perfect area to use a heat pad - particularly if, on top of feeling the cold, you suffer from back pain or menstrual cramps. Of course it’s great to sit in a hot bath or plug in an electric blanket if you need some thermal TLC. But if you have to keep on the move while managing your comfort level, Hotteeze heat pads are a perfect solution!



This area of the body is a complex hub of veins and pressure points and let’s face it, you can never really warm up properly if your neck is exposed. Snuggling a Hotteeze heat pad here will warm you up in a jiffy, improving blood circulation and even helping to boost your immune system.


Bye-bye, Summer! Hello, Hotteeze!


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