Would you like some chocolate with your Hotteeze?

Would you like some chocolate with your Hotteeze?

When you’re menstruating and feeling poorly - cramps, skin flare-ups, mood swings etc - what could be better than snuggling down under the comforter with a Hotteeze heat pad?


Of course! Snuggling down with a Hotteeze heat pad and some chocolate!


When it’s that time of the month, you can really help to counteract any unpleasant symptoms by getting picky about your chocolate of choice.


The healthy chocolate trend doesn’t exactly mean that you get a free pass to stuff yourself with your favorite comfort bon-bons because the kind that gets tough with your period is dark rather than milk chocolate. But if you don’t have the taste buds for this type of slightly bitter chocolate, you can easily find some which is mixed with all manner of other wonderful ingredients or has a small percentage of milk and sugar to make it more of a treat.


According to many reputable studies in the US National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine, your chances of suffering from severe PMS symptoms are far higher if you lack magnesium, and dark chocolate is a very good source of this. It’s also found in many nuts - one of the most common ingredients of a good chocolate bar.


Ginger is often cited as an effective anti-inflammatory and this is very useful to your body when it’s having to deal with any aches and pains.  Ginger and chocolate?  Now that’s a delicious  combination.


Another well-known anti-inflammatory is curcumin, which is a prominent ingredient of the spice turmeric. An article published in a 2015 issue of Science Direct is an account of a placebo-based trial which assessed how the severity of pre-menstrual symptoms can be diminished by the use of curcumin. Savory chocolate has been gaining in popularity for a while now - who hasn’t tried it with sea salt? Turmeric-seasoned dark chocolate bars are out there too and they are so good.


And how about mint? The menthol it contains is known to safely calm uterine muscle spasms which cause cramps. You can easily find a minty chocolate - or how about just combining your sweet snack with a nice hot cup of mint tea?


So get stocked up with some delicious dark chocolate bars this month - and don’t forget to check your stash of Hotteeze heat pads.


Just one bit of advice….don’t get so relaxed that you fall asleep with your chocolate bar anywhere near your Hotteeze. Those pads keep generating heat for up to 14 hours!

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